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Jane Doe Brooklyn, St Clair County, Illinois Found January 21, 2006

Jane Doe, Brooklyn Illinois

Remains found January 21, 2006

Brooklyn, St. Clair County, Illinois

It is estimated that she likely died between 2003 and 2005

Human skeletal remains were discovered by people walking in a wooded area on the Norfolk Southern Railroad property on the 100 block of West St. Clair Avenue in Brooklyn, Illinois. . The remains were scattered across the ground in a densely wooded area. No evidence of burial was observed.


AGE: 18-30

HEIGHT: 5'0" to 5'5" (most likely 5'3)

She may have Hispanic traits. Found near the remains is what appears to be a colostomy bag. Healed fracture of the right foot. Four premolars were taken out prior to death, likely representing orthodontic treatment.



If you have any information in this case please contact the Illinois State Police at (618) 346-3765 or the Coroner’s Office at (618) 233-4442

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