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Human Remains recovered in Savanna, Carroll County, Illinois

Updated: Jun 26, 2020


We have confirmed that the remains continue to be unidentified. These remains have been at this location for at least two years. A boot was located nearby, buried in mud. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there is a backlog in processing the DNA possible matches thru the National Missing Persons Database. though it is expected to have a response as early as next month. We will update as we receive them.

The Savanna Police Department investigated an area where human skeletal remains were found. They were located in a swamp like bog area on railroad property February 29, 2020. a hunter located the remains. The excavation of the remains were completed March 9th. The remains were then sent to Loyola University to be examined by a forensic scientist in hopes for identification, cause and manner of death. Depending on the condition of these remains, and any backlog, along with the closing of the schools for the COVID-19 pandemic, the process can takes months to a year.

It is unknown how long the remains were there. There was no immediate evidence of foul play.

We will continue to update information when we have it.

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Courtney Marenda
Courtney Marenda
Sep 21, 2021

Were the remains ever identified? Or age, gender, etc. released?

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