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Cory Rhinehart, 28 March 15, 2019 Zion, Lake County, Illinois

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

MISSING Army veteran Cory Rhinehart was last seen March 15, 2019 by his family about 9:00 A.M. He was wearing black hospital scrubs, black Converse tennis shoes and a black pea coat. His family contacted me and we had a poster out immediately knowing he was very likely in danger. He had not been seen, or been to work in several days and his cell phone had been off.

The day he was last seen, a 911 call was made by Cory’s phone, March 15th about 8:00 P.M. but the call was I believe disconnected. The call was made according to the Arlington Cardinal news, “from an apartment or near an apartment in the block of 2100 block of Gabriel Avenue, which is near the intersection with 21st Street in Zion and is not far from where Cory Rhinehart lived. The 911 call was disconnected before there was any voice communication from Rhinehart’s phone and the dispatch center. Police were dispatched to the area of the apartment, where blood was discovered…” Cory was not there. “Police taped off the 3-story apartment where the blood was found, and took a plaster cast of a tire track impression found in grass near the apartment”.

The blood that was found in the apartment was confirmed to be human blood. The blood was found on the door, the walls and the floor.

The family filed an official missing person’s report on March 18, 2019. Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Zion Police and the Lake County Major Crime Task Force assisted in the investigation.

There has been no updates in the news since May 2019. Speaking to his family I know that his mother continues to struggle on every level of emotion. More than anything she just wants her baby home so she can lay him to rest. The suspect has yet to tell law enforcement where Cory is.

SUSPECT CBS Chicago reported that Vincent Bevly was arrested in Lake County, Illinois on two counts of First Degree for the murder of Cory Rhinehart. He was held on a five million dollar bond.

COURT Case number 19CF00001098 against Vincent Bevly continues in Lake County, Illinois with two counts of First Degree Murder and one count of Concealment of a Homicide. Jury Trial has now been moved to June 22, 2020 in room T710. Cory is still missing. His family and loved ones need your help. Please, if you have any information do the right thing and contact the Zion Police Department (847) 872-8000.


If you have any information on Cory's disappearance, murder, or information on the suspect Vincent Bevly please contact the Zion Police. It is time to put Cory to rest and give his family some form of peace.

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