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Emelina Aguilar, 2, April 2, 2018, Northbrook, Cook County, Illinois

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Emelina has been without her father since 2018. It is unknown if she is ok, or if she is even alive. Emelina was abducted, and there has been no answers for her family here in Illinois, as they await every single day to hear something.

What we know is that there are great people across this nation, and you guys know what the right thing to do is. Emelina's disappearance has been featured in the past on John Walsh's shows to bring home missing children. If you have any information on Emelina and/or Nelly Aguilar's disappearance or whereabouts, please contact the Northbrook Police Department listed on the poster.

It's time for Emelina's family to hear something, and to know that Emelina is ok.

Help us bring Emelina home.

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