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Daisy Hayes May 2, 2018 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Daisy Hayes, 65

May 1, 2018

6300 S Minera Ave, Chicago

Daisy Hayes, age 65 was last seen May 1, 2018 at her residence on the 6300 block of South Minerva Avenue. Her ID cards were left inside her apartment while her keys and cell phone were missing.

Daisy was last seen entering her eleventh floor apartment building on the 6300 block of South Minerva in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Cameras in the building recorded her entering her apartment at 8:30 P.M. May 1

Daisy’s family was unable to reach her and after no contact with her on Mother’s Day, they knew something was seriously wrong. When they went to her building and Daisy didn’t answer the door, they went to her ex-boyfriend Jimmy’s apartment who also failed to answer the door.

There was no future bank transactions or phone activity. Video surveillance captured Daisy going in to her apartment. Her ex-boyfriend showed up after her, pressed his head against the door, then left. Another video shows him entering her apartment with a key at 4:50 A.M. and about 30 minutes later he left with a plastic grocer bag and went in to his own apartment.

5:40 A.M. he is seen with new clothes, leaving his apartment with a large suitcase, carrying it with one hand and at one point holds the bag in the air. Four minutes later he leaves Daisy’s apartment with the suitcase, now visibly bulging. He struggled to drag it back to the elevator, went in to his apartment, then through the lobby and out to the dumpster.

6:06 A.M. he puts the suitcase in the dumpster, and the garbage bag(s) from other dumpsters on top of the bag. A garbage truck came by later that day and emptied the dumpster.

It is believed that suitcase ended up in the Indiana landfill which holds about four hundred tons of refuse. It is clear they are not going to search to bring Daisy home.

Jackson was seen going in and out of her apartment the following two weeks. He was the only one that entered or exited that apartment after her disappearance.

Seventy-two year old James Jackson was arrested October 2011 while he was in Memphis, Tennessee, charged with First Degree Murder and extradited back to Chicago.

The family states they were broken up prior to her disappearance. The family is asking that officials search for Daisy’s body in the Indiana landfill and bring her home to be properly laid to rest. Daisy’s family is not the only family unfortunately that were told their missing loved one is most likely in a landfill. Jackson is believed yet to speak to the family and tell them what he did to Daisy or why.

Daisy Hayes is still not listed in the National Missing & Unidentified database, which is a database run by the Department of Justice. The law has changed to where law enforcement is required to add a missing or unidentified person to this database where the DNA can be added and linked across the nation if a body has been recovered and the family of the missing have their DNA added in this data bank. Basically, if Daisy’s remains are found, they won’t have Daisy’s DNA in the databank to identify her.

Not only are they not searching to bring Daisy home, but have told her family that it costs too much money to do the search. Family for missing 16 year old Kiana Galvin of South Elgin, who family also believe she may have been thrown in a landfill.


Suspect Jimmy Jackson who is being held on no bond for the murder of Daisy Hayes.

In an incredible twist (but no surprise to the Chicago Courts), Jackson was acquitted of all charges.

It didn't matter that he was seen wheeling a bulky suitcase out of Daisy's apartment, as it was stated by the Judge (Diana Kenworthy) the video was not enough to convict him. Even the other video that shows him struggling with the weight of the suitcase, and taking the suitcase outside to the dumpster, dump the suitcase inside the dumpster, and go to other dumpsters to put that garbage on top of the suitcase, to conceal the suitcase altogether.

Jackson will never be charged or tried again in Daisy's disappearance. Daisy is still missing and is believed to have been dumped in a landfill, where officials refuse to search.

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