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Cash Gernon, 4, May 15, 2021, Dallas, Texas

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Four-year-old Cash Gernon was sleeping in his crib next to his twin brother when a stranger entered the residence on Florina Parkway and took the child from his bed and out of his home. There was video surveillance footage inside the residence, later showing the abductor taking the baby.

Cash's little body was found hours later about 6:50 a.m. half-mile from the home on Saddleridge Drive, about eight blocks away. The result of his death was caused by multiple stab wounds.

At the time of the abduction, Cash's father's girlfriend was at the home. Cash's father had not been at home with his family since March, reportedly in a rehabilitation center via a court order. Cash's biological mother reported that she was unaware the father's girlfriend was caring for the twins. By the time the girlfriend called the police to report the child missing (at 10:48 a.m.), Cash's body was already found by a jogger.

Why did it take so long for the biological father's girlfriend to report Cash missing?

The jogger reported that she was jogging when she believed she saw a 'dog lying on the road' but when she got closer she saw a boys arms and legs. She knew the little boy was deceased when she 'noticed the baby had ants at the bottom of his feet'. When she called 911 she told the dispatcher she could see 'blood on the boys face and the upper half of his body'. Cash was found with no shirt or shoes on.

Once the police were notified of the boys body being found, they began a door to door search to locate the boys family.

The suspect, eighteen-year-old Darriynn Brown was confirmed to be the abductor in the video. He was charged and arrested April 27 for kidnapping and burglary. Brown lived with his parents a half mile from where he allegedly abducted Cash. He was later charged with his Capital Murder.

There is no clarity on motive.

Brown had an ankle monitor on at the time he allegedly abducted Cash. He has a criminal history including assaulting both of his parents. His mother is defending her son stating that he was set up and he could not have killed Cash.

Evidence tested positive to be Cash's blood on the suspect's hoodie, shoes and dark-colored sunglasses.

The Suspect

One of the videos located about 10 weeks prior to Cash's murder was by a neighbor who showed the suspect opening a neighbors gate, looking in the backyard then leaving.

What was he looking for?

Brown was later found incompetent to stand trial, and lives at a mental health facility.

Cash was laid to rest at the Magnolia Memorial Gardens in Magnolia, Montgomery County, Texas.

Rest in Peace little man.

Information by:

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