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Bonnie Woodward, 48, June 25, 2010, Alton, Madison County, Illinois

Bonnie Woodward, 48

June 25, 2010

Alton, Illinois

Bonnie was last seen June 25, 2010 where she worked in the parking lot with a “white male in his forties”. Bonnie’s Chevy Avalanche pickup truck was left at the parking lot where she worked at Eunice Smith Nursing home believed to be located at 1251 College Ave in Alton, Illinois. Since then there had been no further activity on her phone or social media. The vehicle was tested for fingerprints, and it was confirmed that the fingerprints left on the vehicle were that of suspect Roger Carroll.

Years went by with an arrest, and not enough evidence to charge. Law enforcement had searched all or part of his residence and/or property at 20758 Creek Road in Jerseyville, Illinois but still, not enough evidence.

Then, Carroll was charged in a domestic violence case which prompted his son to testify, when his son told his story as a witness to Bonnie’s murder. The charge was for allegedly locking her in a laundry room and using a stun gun to his wife’s head and neck. His son was sixteen when he allegedly witnessed Bonnie’s murder at the hands of his own father, then forced to help him get rid of evidence and Bonnie’s body. Carroll is suspected of kidnapping Bonnie, shooting her with a Stoeger Cougar 9mm Luger then burning her body on his own property for eight to ten days. Bonnie’s burnt remains were found close to his property.

Carroll allegedly kidnapped Bonnie from the parking lot at her work, shot and burned for several days. Bonnie’s teenage step-daughter that was going thru her own crisis would often go to the Carroll family, and he is accused of using that as a way of getting Bonnie to speak to him and getting in the car with him. Her step-daughter was reported missing June 17, 2010 in which she went on vacation with the Carroll’s, then later reporting to police on July 3, 2010 after finding out Bonnie was reported missing. July 23, 2010 Carroll was charged with Harboring a Runaway.

Suspect Roger Carroll was charged April 12, 2018 for the murder of Bonnie Woodward. Carroll pleaded not guilty on all charges. He was denied bond.

Fingerprints were found on Bonnie’s car, confirmed to be that of suspect Roger W Carroll, will be admitted in to the jury trial as reported by The Telegraph. Later, when they found the burn pit that was said Bonnie was burnt after being murdered, police went thru it for evidence, found a spent 9mm shell casing and a 9mm projectile, both matching the sons version of events. They found teeth in the same vicinity but was not confirmed publicly if they matched Bonnie’s. A key was also found in the burn pile, however, it is not known what the key was used for.

According to The Telegraph, during the Grand Jury Trial, his son said “Nathan and his father made an “unusual departure” from Goreville the morning of June 25.. leaving early in the morning” and that… “on the trip home his father said Bonnie Woodward was a “bad person” and he was going to kill her”. His son was given immunity “in part because he was a juvenile and was dragged in to it”.


Roger Carroll was charged with three counts of murder, one count of aggravated kidnapping, one count of concealing a homicide, one count of unlawful restraint and one count of domestic battery/bodily harm.

Case number 2018CF68

April 12, 2018, Carroll was found guilty and sentenced to 65 years in prison.

After so many years not knowing where Bonnie was and what happened to her, there is little peace in knowing the person who took her life would never be free again. Our hearts go out to her family.

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