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Bianca Michelle Devins, 17, July 14, 2019, Utica, New York

Bianca Devins had just graduated High School weeks prior to her death. Just seventeen-years-old, she was a gamer, and had a large social media presence. Beautiful and full of fashion, she had alot of friends, and planned to go to college.

On July 14, 2019, a photo of a body that looked deceased was loaded on to Instagram, and it quickly blew up across social media. Was Bianca dead? No one even know she was missing. Not until one of those that saw this picture contacted Dispatch that early Sunday morning and let them know of this heavily circulated picture. Those calls began about 7:30 a.m.

Soon thereafter, a man named Brandon Clark also called 9-1-1, and notified dispatch that he was had killed Bianca, and that he was going to kill himself because of it. He failed initially, however, to tell them his location. Investigators quickly began pinging his phone. When they located him, they realized he had stabbed himself in the neck, and he was taken in immediately to the hospital for treatment. Shortly after, they located Bianca's lifeless body nearby, under a tarp.

Brandon had spray-painted on the ground nearby: May you never forget me.

It would soon be known that Brandon took a video of the murder. He planned it when he realized he would not be with her in a monogamous relationship. When he finally accepted that she would never date just him exclusively. Moreover, he took the picture of her body and posted it on social media. The picture that would be sent to her family before the police would have the opportunity to tell them the proper way in finding her.

She met him on Discord, a popular and dangerous social platform where strangers talk - where teenagers meet strangers; where many children have met adult people with bad intentions. This was no different.

Within the next 24 hours of their investigation, they had found evidence on his phone. The video of the murder was one of them. He had the gun hidden in the vehicle before he even picked her up. The night of her murder, Brandon took her to a concert, They weren't not by themselves, but with another boy named Alex, one that Bianca had interest in.

Bianca's family were aware of Brandon, and had no reason not trust the 21 year old Lyft driver. They had only met that May.

Investigators also uncovered Brandon's written plan to murder Bianca. He used a Bluetooth speaker to replay one song, on repeat; a song Investigators would hear when they found Brandon. 'Test Drive' by Joji - A song about a person who is more invested in the relationship than the other.

Bianca stated within the Discord messages that she had invited Alex to the concert and showed concern that Brandon may get jealous. At the concert, she kissed Alex, and also showed concern to Alex that Brandon may have seen them kiss. But they quickly realized thru Brandon's social media that this was planned, and not a crime of passion.

The video Brandon created during the murder clearly shows that he hid the knife, and pulled it out while Bianca was sleeping in his vehicle. He woke her up, and they had a conversation. He said, 'you know i saw you kiss him, right?' Bianca apologized. Brandon responded 'well sorry is not enough'. She reminded him that they were not exclusive, and she asked him to take her home. Prosecutors believed this was the point when Brandon realized this may be his last time he would spend with her. He pulled out the knife, and he murdered her.

Brandon made a list on his phone; a what-to-do checklist to kill Bianca. Setting up the speaker for the song. Picking the song. made multiple internet searches including 'how to choke someone out' and 'how do you hit the carotid artery to kill someone'

Brandon pleaded guilty, and then attempted to change his plea. The judge ruled against it. Brandon received his sentence at 25 to life. His earliest parole date is 07/10/2044.

Bianca's Law

Bianca's Law is a bill that would hold social media companies accountable for violent and graphic content that they allow on their platforms.

Information accumulated by:

CBS News

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