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Andrew Caballeiro, just 7 days old, abducted, 3 murdered, 1 suicide.

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

On January 28, 2020 the Miami-Dade (Florida) police were contacted by a family member who was concerned they couldn't make contact at 21941 SW 187th Avenue. When officers went to complete a well-being check, they found Ariety Garcia-Valdes, 40 - Isabela Valdes, 60 - and Lina Gonzales, 84 - dead. A newborn, Andrew Caballeiro was missing. His father Ernesto Caballeiro, 49, was also missing.

The infants mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were murdered.

The next day, the newborns father, Ernesto, was found dead by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was found dead in a wooded area of Pasco County, Florida. This was about three miles from Interstate 75 near Blanton, just north of Tampa. Baby Andrew was still missing. The white van he had allegedly been driving was recovered about 50 yards away on the side of the road. A tip had come in on this van which also reportedly had a blond woman in the van.

An $8,000 reward is being offered leading to Andrew's whereabouts.

John Walsh, long time host of America's Most Wanted covers Andrew's disappearance on his new show In Pursuit with John Walsh.

It is believed that Ernesto murdered the three women, took the baby and an AR-15. The rifle was found next to his body. Bloodhounds could not trace Andrews scent.

If you have any information on Andrew Caballeiro's whereabouts please call or text (833) 3-PURSUE or go on the website - You can call anonymously and they do speak spanish.

While the Amber Alert was cancelled, and so many deaths occurred, including the man Ernesto who abducted Andrew, he is still missing over a year later, and is now officially considered a cold case. This organization still has him listed in the area of our Amber Alerts, as we believe it is just as important to find him today as it was the day he disappeared. If you have information on his disappearance or whereabouts please call 911 or the Miami-Dade Police Department as listed.

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