6-year-old unidentified boy murdered, Round Lake Beach, February 25, 2022

Tracy D Thomas (34) was charged for allegedly beating an unidentified 6-year-old boy in Round Lake Beach, Illinois. The child was on life support and died Friday, February 25, 2022 at the Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville after being rushed to the hospital in an Uber after his mother found the child unresponsive with significant injuries. Thomas is believed to be the only adult in the residence during the time of the incident. He is being held at the Lake County Jail in Illinois on a $500,000 Bond.

Initially Thomas was facing aggravated battery under the age of 13 and one count of aggravated domestic battery. It is believed additional charges have been made since the child's death but was not immediately available.

The child and his mother have not yet been publicly identified as of now. The injuries occurred on the 1300 block of Melrose Avenue in Round Lake Beach, Lake County, Illinois.

As usual, the media has only reported the picture of the alleged suspect and not that of the victim. As always, we believe that the victim's name should be said, repeated, remembered and never forgotten.

We will continue reported known information as it continues to come in.

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