We never forget those that we have lost. The following are those that have been found murdered. We do what we can to follow up on these cases and update this page as often as possible. Please take a moment of your time and looking them over and remembering each of them.


paresh h. jhobalia

11.10.2018 Paresh was reported missing by his family as they had last seen him in Downers Grove. November 17, 2018 he was found deceased in his truck on the 4200 block of South Lawndale in Lyons, IL with multiple sharp forced wounds. He was known to be last seen with Brian Cruz who was later found in Little Village neighborhood and charged with First Degree Murder. His next court date is 2.26.2019


baby jabari ellis

11.2.2018 baby Ellis was reported missing along with his birth mom by her family as neither had been seen for some time. They found the mother alive and with assistance from the family, law enforcement uncovered that Jamia Ellis (22) and Ryan Wheeler (34) believe murdered the baby which was found 11.28.18 in the woods behind the home on the 100 block of Cemetery Road in Greene County in a shallow grave, wrapped in a sheet then discarded in a garbage bag. 3.29.29 is pretrial date and the court date 4.8.19 for two counts of 1st degree murder and one count concealment of a homicide.


susan & antonio ramirez barron

10.26.2018 was the last they were seen by co-workers at Bradley University. Per confession, their adopted son Jose Guadalupe Ramirez (21) & Matthew James Roberts (20) entered their residence 22919 Maher Rd, Princeville, IL went to their bed while they were asleep & pepper sprayed them, beat them with a baseball bar & stabbed them to their death. They then wrapped one in a tarp and the other in a tent and dumped their bodies over a bridge near Annawan, IL. They were recovered 10.30.18 5 miles from their residence on Spoon River.

Charged with 2 counts of first degree murder, obstructing justice & concealing a homicide court is set for 3.25.19 @ 9AM Peoria County.



10.13.2018 Ashley. 24 was last seen leaving her dad’s house after a party at his residence in the area of Parkwood / Ridgewood in Joliet, Illinois. Her roommate informed her family that her car had been at her residence but had not seen her. Ashley’s jacket was found outside of the residence in the backyard. Her family knew she wore that jacket to the party (along with other items also found in the same area). Law Enforcement interviewed everyone at the party and determined that she was last seen with record sex offender Peter Zabala an acquaintance of the family.

Zabala was arrested with two counts to conceal a homicide and three counts of first degree murder after they located her body in a burn barrel on his family’s property on the 3500 block of State Street in Lockport. The next court date is at Will County Courthouse on February 26, 2019 at 9AM.

We met with Ashley’s family who were incredibly instrumental in working with law enforcement, the community and those that knew and loved Ashley, creating their own searches and awareness to bring her home. Our deepest condolences to them all.





Raysuan turner & darnell flowers

8.29.2018 Raysuan Turner was last seen with Darnell Flowers walking in to a field with two other young men. They were found deceased. Autopsy confirms they were shot twice in the back of the head and once in the abdomen. They were found at the edge of Golden Gate Park on 131st & Rhodes Ave in Chicago on August 20, 2018. Kahlil Colone (16) & Leslie Ward (17) were charged with 2 counts of first degree murder and held without bond.

No courts show for these suspects however Colone was already imprisoned for (1) Felony possession/use of a weapon (2) Manufacturing/delivering cocaine. He was just released 4.18.18, almost exactly 4 months prior to murdering these two children.



8.4.2018 Landlord out of Rolling Meadows to many properties in Chicago Vasudeva was last seen collecting rent for the month. Days later they confirmed video of him leaving Chase Bank on South Ashland. His 2005 Prius was found abandoned on one of his properties with the plates removed. His credit card was used to purchase bleach along with $1600 on other purchases. Two men now awaiting trial for his murder. (CONT…)

Charged with First Degree Murder are brothers Elijah & Tony Green. It has been reported that they put Vasudeva in his own vehicle, drove him around and left him in his vehicle for a day, before going back and removing him and disposing his body on the 6200 Block of South May Street in Englewood inside the sewer. Cook County Medical Examiner confirmed the cause of death was strangulation. They are awaiting trial which is set for 2.28.2019 at the Cook County Criminal Courts Building.


Shantieya smith

5.25.18 Shantieya left her 7 year old daughter and her cell phone at home and never returned. She was found deceased June 7, 2018 in an abandoned garage. The suspect Charlie Booker was also wanted in TN for sexual assault and stabbing a woman. He was arrested in Kankakee County and is awaiting court 2.28.19 and 3.6.19 for a second murder in Cook County.

Joyce Cluchey.jpg

Joyce Cluchey, Chicago Illinois

Joyce Cluchey, Chicago Illinois


5.18.2018 30 years old in Chicago, Joyce was last seen around 11:00 A.M. near 47th Street & Cicero Avenue. Her mother Helen Menzyk said Joyce was getting on the Eastbound Bus. Her mom text her “I love you” as Joyce returned the text also with “I love you too”. She was never seen or heard from again. There were no leads. Joyce was living with her mom on the 5100 Block of South Campbell Avenue in Chicago. Joyce also leaves behind her (then) 9 year old son.

Cesar Con-Olver, 22 of SW Side of Chicago near 4900 Block of South Keeler then walk in to the Chicago Police Department confessing that he killed Joyce then tried to hide her body until he got caught. He stated that Joyce approached him and he stabbed her and struck her in the head with a metal pipe in “self defense”. She then fell to the ground. He hid her body under a vehicle in the garage because it isn’t driven very often. Five days later he wrapped her body in plastic and placed her in a plastic bin and put the bin in the back of the vehicle and poured concrete over her body. He tried covering up the smell as her body was decomposing with perfume and cologne. His Uncle and father smelled the odor, opened the garage and located the bin. They moved the plastic bag and saw her foot coming thru the plastic bag thru the cement.

The autopsy shows that Joyce suffered a stab wound near her neck and there are fractures to her neck cartilage. Con-Olver has been charged with 1st Degree Murder and waits for his trial at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse. Assistant State’s Attorney Jacqueline Morquardt states there is not a motive yet known. His has been denied bail. Next pretrial court date is February 19, 2019 at the Cook County Criminal Courthouse.



5.2.2018 Daisy Hayes, 65 was last seen entering her aparftment building on the 6300 block of South Minerva in Woodlawn, a Chicago neighborhood. She was seen entering at 8:30 P.M. on May 1st to her 11th floor apartment where she somewhat shared with her ex boyfriend Jimmy Jackson. Her ID card was left inside the apartment and her keys and cellphone were missing.

He was seen entering at 4:50 A.M. with an empty suitcase (even seen on surveillance lifting the suitcase in the air), and leaves the apartment at 5:40 A.M. with the large suitcase which he struggles to leave with it on its wheel dragging it through the hallways. He then heads to his apartment with the suitcase, later to come out about 6:06 A.M. dumping the suitcase in to his dumpster, and throwing additional garbage on top of it from another dumpster. (CONT…)

(…CONT) Jimmy Jackson was charged and arrested October 11, 2018 in Memphis TN. It is assumed her remains are in the Monticello Landfill that holds about 400 tons of refuse. No one is attempting to recover Daisy with Chicago Law Enforcement stating that they do not have the money or the resources to recover her. The next court date is set for February 28, 2019 at the Cook County Criminal Courts Building in Chicago.

Our hearts go out to her daughter Teresa Smith, her family and loved ones.

Sadaria Davis.jpg

sadaria davis

4.27.2018 Sadaria (15) was last seen leaving her home. The community knew that her disappearance was linked to Shantieya’s disappearance regardless of law enforcement’s claim. She was found blocks away on May 22, 2018 on the 200 block of Hamilton Avenue in an abandoned location. Suspect Charlie Booker has been charged with both of their murders and is awaiting trial. He is linked to additional cases outside of Illinois.

marissa koziel

2.1.2018 - Marissa was last seen by her family February 1, 2018. She was reported missing February 14, 2018. Marissa was found with one bullet wound to her head outside covered up. She was discovered on February 23, 2018 by 3 young boys walking by.

We will be working on a documentary in 2019 in order to create more public awareness, bring justice for Marissa and bring a little peace to the family.

Found Deceased.jpg


michael armendariz

1.14.2018 He was last seen leaving his residence of the 100 block of S Whispering Hills Dr in Naperville getting in to an unknown dark colored SUV. His phone pinged in South Side of Chicago the same day, and had been shut off since. He was reported missing on January 22, 2018

Michael was found deceased May 31, 2018. Someone had reported foul odor from the 6800 block of South Artesian Avenue in the Marquette Park area. Coroner reported he died of 2 gunshot wounds to the back of the head.

He was buried in the Queen of Heaven Cemetery.

Cassandra Green, 21 & Ernest Collins of Rockford, and his mother, Candice Jones have all been charged with his murder. Their arraignment is 3.4.2019 @ DuPage County.

Found Deceased.jpg


7.24.2017 was the last day Shawn was seen by his family, as went camping a few miles from his family’s home for the weekend in 2017. He never came home. His family last saw him in They realized something was seriously wrong when he wasn’t answering his phone Monday morning. They went out to the campsite and knew something was wrong. His tent was moved, his bed was halfway out of the tent, the hamburger meet was still in the cooler, the fire-pit was never started, his key of the four wheeler was still in the ignition, both his cell phones were there along with his tablet and his shoes were found neatly placed on a log close to the river. For more information please look at our “Documentaries” tab for this and other cases.

Shawn’s remains were found almost a year later, yet it would take another five months to confirm that they were that of Shawn’s. They were found in the Illinois River about 15 miles from where he was camping. Foul Play is expected.

There has been no arrests and his death currently remains unsolved.


Diamond Bradley.jpg

diamond bradley

1.23.2018 Diamond Bradley, 16 of Granville, Illinois was last seen about 10:00 P.M., reported Wednesday, January 24, 2018 and found deceased Saturday, January 27, 2018 in a ditch on a Rural Roadway,

Approximately 20 law enforcement agencies joined in the search and investigation for Diamond. Investigators concluded that 26 year old Murderer Richard A. Henderson met her online and they had spoken several times before meeting. They agreed to meet in front of her house and he was to pick her up approximately 6:30 A.M. - 7:00 A.M. She used her own cell phone to contact him. There was an immediate fight when she got outside to meet him.

The didn’t initially release the autopsy. It was concluded that Diamond died as a result of multiple stab wounds.

The knife was later recovered by police in Henderson’s former workplace at a commercial greenhouse outside Granville, Color Point Facility and tested by the Illinois State Crime Scene Service Lab which confirmed to be the murder weapon.

Henderson was arrested February 5, 2018 and awaited trial at the La Salle County Jail. He was sentenced 53 years in Prison with a guilty plea on first degree murder. There was no trial as the family agreed to take the plea to allow the family to heal and be able to move on with their lives. He must serve 100% of the 53 years.

Katie Kearns.jpg



11.12.2017 Katie was bartending Woody’s in Joliet. That’s the last place she was seen by friends. She resided in New Lenox.

Will County used her cell phone tracking data to locate her. She was found murdered in the back of the 1996 Jeep Cherokee she drove. She was found with 1 gun shot would to her head. Katie was reported missing Tuesday after she failed to show up at her job at Café Miele in Orland Park. She was last seen around 1:30 a.m. Monday at Woody's Bar in Joliet, where she worked. Her shift had ended at midnight.

Law Enforcement raided the Joliet Outlaws clubhouse but never revealed its purpose. According to friends, Katie was found wrapped in a futon and laid in the back of her own vehicle, with a pool table tarp covering the futon mattress. The vehicle was found in a barn in Saint Anne about an hour from where she was last seen. His phone traced law enforcement back to the barn where they found her.

Defense is now working on the theory that she committed suicide. Next pretrial court date is set for February 8, 2019 @ 9:30AM in Room 404 at the Will County Courthouse.

Found Deceased.jpg


6.19.2017 - Emily was Last Seen, Age 25, white female, 5’5, 130lbs, dark brown hair and green eyes. She was born in Rockford 11.25.91. When she went missing her Mom was deceased Lynette Dull, and she had her Dad Tom Dull, and siblings Brian & Nathan Gent, Nicole Foster, Caitlin Simpson. She was last seen wearing black yoga pants and white shirt. She had Tattoos: Phoenix on left arm, Books on left arm, large pendant across lower shoulder blades on chest, she had her Ears pierced & Right side pierced nostril. She needed contacts or eye glasses to see. She was Epileptic – has 2 medications she has to take three times a day. She required glasses or contacts because of her epilepsy. She did not have medications with her. She was last seen in her vehicle described as a 2002 2 Door Silver Pontiac Grand AM Plate# V414149 front bumper damage. It was reported that when she disappeared her phone was dead or off at what time (CONT…)

According to what we know, this is the timeline we have:

(1) 6.19.17 off work at Shooters North in Loves Park, (2) 6.19.17 2AM Emily closed tab at Neighbors Bar & Grill, (3)    6.19.17 2:39 AM shopping at Walmart (on video), (4)    6.19.17 5AM texted friend was dropping off a friend, then text someone else saying headed home. She was reported missing later that day. (5)    6.19.17 Reported Missing. A reward had accumulated to $16K

10.8.17 Emily was found deceased Inside vehicle in Rock River near Fantail Place ½ mile South of Roscoe Bridge. Identified thru Dental Records. No physical signs of trauma. Has not ruled on cause or manner of death. “It’s not suspicious, it’s not suicidal, there’s nothing to lead us to believe that at all”  No signs of a struggle. – Coroner Bill Hintz Winnebago County

She was found with her seat belt off, in passenger seat. Water was 4’ high, dry weather - someone swimming in the River noticed the antenna sticking out of the water about 4pm.

Burial – Sunset Memorial Gardens – Sunset Funeral Home 8800 North Alpine Road in Machesney Park

yingying zhang.PNG

ying ying zhang

6.9.2017 a visiting Chinese scholar and student in Champaign was headed to sign an apartment lease waiting on a bus when suspect stranger Brendt Christianson picked her up in his Saturn Astra about 2PM and YingYing entered his vehicle. After months of investigation by law enforcement it is reported that while little is known what happened in the following events, she is presumed murdered and Christianson is facing her murder trial under FBI jurisdiction. (CONT…)

(…CONT) YingYing was reported missing that day by 9:24pm and the search became known across the nation almost immediately. With cameras they viewed the vehicle which had distinguishing marks which later matched out of the 18 model vehicles registered in Champaign County. Christianson denied his own whereabouts, and later his wife saw signs that he was most likely the suspect in her kidnapping and murder. At his residence (2500 Block of West Springfield Avenue in Champaign, Certified dogs hit on Christianson’s bathroom floor near the door and sink alongwith confirmation of blood presence on the bedroom wall and floor and traces down in to the bathroom plumbing. The trial has been moved to Peoria, Illinois and is set for April 1, 2019. YingYing is still missing.



4.25.2017 a 911 call came by her mother reporting her missing. She was outside with a group of kids with adult supervision and then vanished. She said it had been about 30 minutes - the neighbors stated they saw Semaj walking down the street earlier in the day. 30 hours later Semaj was found face down under the couch with roaches crawling on her face. The couch weighed about 100lbs with only 2 1/2 inches to the floor making it impossible for her to get under there by herself. The house was condemned shortly after and suddenly burned down. No arrests have been made for her death or the fire. Her death was determined to be cause by asphyxiation.



11.23.2016, OLNEY, IL

While waiting for the church bus Sabrina was abducted by Glen R Ramey, who sexually assaulted then suffocated her to death.

Ramey was convicted & now lives in Menard Correctional with a 60 year sentence projected parole 11.21.2067.

Our condolences to her grandmother and all who loved her.

Found Deceased.jpg


11.17.16 Robert hadn’t attended school, truancy officer came to the home, spoke with Lisa, Robert rode up on his bicycle, saw the truancy officer, got back on his bicycle and took off. Residence was 233 Sapp Street Pekin.

11.18.16 Robert hadn’t gone to school again, Truancy Officer came back to the house to issue a ticket, Lisa Bee stated he had not returned home and he had runaway. The truancy officer called Law Enforcement and a Missing Persons report was filed with the Pekin Police Department. His bicycle was laying on the front of the house lawn (which remained there till the very day Lisa Bee was evicted from the home per court order for non payment. (CONT…)

(…CONT) Lisa stated Robert was staying at a friends house and would go to school the next day. According to Lisa he walked to the school bus from his friends house but chose not to get on the bus or go to school. He didn’t come home. Law Enforcement issued a Missing & Endangered Persons Advisory. Crime Stoppers is offering $1000 Reward for information leading to his whereabouts (309) 673-9000

7.24.17 Roberts remains were found in the back yard at 14316 Route 39 in Pekin not far from his residence, a place where he had been before several times with his Mother Lisa Bee. This has been considered a homicide, his body has still not been released from the Coroner’s office and there has been no further information provided to the public.

Found Deceased.jpg

megan nichols

Megan was last seen July 3, 2014 in her home where she lived with her mom Kathy Jo Hutchcraft and stepdad. The day she disappeared her mom left her at home to go shopping for about an hour.

Her mom went to check on her about 11PM and noticed she was gone. She would find a note stating … I love you but would never be happy at home. . Don’t come looking for me cause why spend a lifetime looking for someone who doesn’t want to be found. Her phone was also found on her bed with a full reset, removing any and all possible evidence that could have held clues in her disappearance. All photos, texts, videos… Gone. Her mom is convinced that while that is Megan’s handwriting, her words were not hers and stated that she felt Megan may have written that under duress.

Later they found a video of Megan pulling up on her bicycle withdrawing money from her mothers local bank with her alone withdrawing money about 2:PM. Megan made comments previous to her disappearance of being unhappy at home and wanting to leave. Law Enforcement listed Megan as a missing runaway. She didn’t have a license, a vehicle or a job.

December 26, 2017 Jacque Beck and her boyfriend Carl Vaughn reported that they were preparing to cut firewood in the area and found remains in a shallow grave just south of Boyleston in Wayne County, Illinois. A skull and bones were wrapped in a blanket. No clothes were found. These remains were initially taken to Bloomington, Illinois and later sent to the FBI Forensic lab in Quantico, Virginia.

January 26, 2018 it was confirmed to be that of Megan Nichols. If you have any information please call the FBI SPRINGFIELD OFFICE (217) 522-9675



9.8.2013, WATSON, IL

Family reported her missing. Searchers found her the next day wrapped in plastic bags in a ditch near 730 Resident Village where uncle lived.

Later mother Ciara DeRyke was charged for lying about seeing Willow alive and spent 120 days in jail and 18 months probation. 22 year old uncle Justin DeRyke was charged and plead guilty for slitting her throat, stabbing her in the heart 5 times. He will live at Menard Corrections for the rest of his life with no eligibility for parole.

Bonnie Woodward.jpg


bonnie woodward

6.25.2010 Bonnie Woodward of East Alton was last seen at her work in the parking lot with a man described as white and in his 40’s. It was said he they were near her Chevy Avalanche Pickup at the Eunice Smith Nursing home where she worked for 27 years. Her cell phone and social activity ceased from that moment. Fingerprints on her vehicle were later identified as Roger Carroll’s. When he was questioned he stated that he was “cutting brush” on his property that day.

Roger Carroll’s son Nathan confirmed that he used Heather as Bait to get Bonnie to get in the car with him. Roger said he knew where she was which is what made Bonnie leave her work and get in the vehicle with him voluntarily. Nathan, 16 at the time was subpoenaed and appeared in the Grand Jury to testify. Nathan said that early morning Roger made an unusual departure from Goreville. On the trip home Roger said Bonnie was a bad person and that he was gonna kill her…. (CONT…)

…CONT… Both of them ran a surveillance trip on Bonnie, then he dropped Nathan off at home. Roger shaved and cut his nails, and took a 9MM handgun, loaded it and left. Later Nathan said he heard 8 or 9 gunshots, and when he went to see what that was, he saw Bonnie’s body on the floor. He described her bottom half as wearing tan hospital scrubs. Then he said Roger used a bucket loader, moved the body to a pre-prepared pile of brush and lit them on fire. Roger and Nathan tended to that fire for 8 to 10 days.

A search warrant was signed and law enforcement went back in to Carroll’s 40-50 acres located at 20758 Creek Road in Jerseyville to an exclusive area after a tip was received. They used equipment to excavate the site of the fire and found a spent 9MM shell casing & a 9MM projectile. Both matched the weapon Nathan reported. They soon found teeth in the area and charred remains. Those that saw Bonnie leave her work and vehicle that day were unable to confirm he was the one with her, or identify his vehicle.

April 12, 2018 Roger Carroll was charged with 1st Degree Murder, Concealing a homicide, 3rd Degree murder, Aggravated Kidnapping, and unlawful restraint. There is no Bond. He plead innocent on all charges. The next court pretrial date is sent for March 21, 2019 at 9AM for Room A Case# 2018CF68D001 in Jersey County on 201 West Pearl Street. Nathan received full immunity as he was a juvenile at the time and he was forced in to assisting his father. The jury trial is set for April 9, 2019.


riley ann fox

6.6.2004 Riley’s dad woke up to find her gone. She was found the same day face down in the creek, bound and gagged with duct tape in the Forsythe Woods County Forest Preserve. While the family was convinced this was an abduction the police believed her dad killed her. With a signed confession her dad would spend 8 months in prison. They never processed the bathroom near where she was found, later to have found her DNA, her underwear in the garbage and a pair of shoes with the name EBY written in inside the shoe. Scott Eby, 1 mile from the residence had a criminal record and admitted to her murder once faced with the evidence pleading guilty and serving a life sentence without parole.

The family later sued the State of Illinois for wrongful imprisonment and ignoring evidence, receiving 8.5 million. The park in Wilmington is now named in her memory.


tammy zywicki

8.23.1992 21 year old Tammy was having car issues dropping off her brother in Evanston and heading back to her home in Iowa. She was last seen standing next to her her white Pontiac T1000 on the I-80 mile marker 83 in LaSalle County between 3:10PM-4PM with a truck driver described as 30-45 6’ with dark,bushy, collar length hair driving a white tractor trailer with 2 brown diagonal strips on the side. Her vehicle was found locked with her things inside.

9.1.1992 Tammy was found deceased 100 miles away on I-44 in Lawrence County (between Springfield & Joplin) in a red blanket sealed with duct tape. Lawrence County Coroner determined she was stabbed once in the arm and 7 times in a circle around her heart and sexually assaulted.

Still missing is her watch, patch from St Giles soccer club shorts, 35MM Canon camera, purse and keys. (CONT…)


The same eye witness who had last seen Tammy on the side of the road with the truck and truck driver worked at the medical facility and reported that the wife of the man who fit the driver’s description came in for a routine blood test and told the eye witness about the musical watch her husband had just given her. The watch is incredibly distinct. The watch is described with an umbrella on the face that played the tune “Raindrops keep falling on my head”. That patient’s husband is LONNIE BIERBODT. It was shown that he had a similar criminal record and was in the area at the time Tammy was last seen. This case continues to be unsolved with no arrests. If you have any information please contact the leading Illinois State Police at (815) 726-6377 or your local FBI office.


kristina marie wesselman

7.21.1985, GLEN ELLYN, IL

Kristina was last seen on a walking path headed to Jewel Foods. She was reported missing, and later found the next day just off the path on Rt 56 / Butterfield Road & 53. She had been raped and stabbed 8 times.

Thanks to DNA Michael R Jones (with a prior 1977 Rape conviction) was arrested. He plead guilty and is finally where he belongs at the Menard Correctional Center with a projected parole date of 9.16.2095.

Our hearts go out to her family and loved ones.


Delores R Griffin Jones

10.24.1975 Delores was in a domestic violence relationship. Her husband was the only one home with her when the children came home from school and found all the doors locked. He never spoke of her again and refused to stay in the marital bedroom. He committed suicide 6 months after her disappearance.

Also in 1975 a body was found partially clothed floating in the lagoon off Lake Erie in Michigan, unrecognizable and unidentified. She was still wearing her wedding ring.

2019 Detective Ryan of Romeoville,IL PD confirmed that with information they had and speaking with her family through the years they matched her DNA from the NAMUS database and confirmed that after all these years the remains in Michigan were that of Delores Raye Griffin Jones.

She will finally be laid to rest in Kentucky.



2.11.1966 West Chicago, IL

Debbie stayed after school to keep score at a basketball game. When her mom came to pick her up she was not there. Her teacher / suspect Loren Schofield was the last one to see her alive. Hours later she was found near the intersection of Fair Oaks & Lies Roads in an icy ditch. She was stabbed 19 times.

Grand jury refused to indict for lack of evidence. Word has it this teacher failed 6 lie detector tests, he burned the clothes he wore that day, and he refused to allow his farm home on Fairoaks to be searched.

It is said Debbie was fully clothed and there was no indication of molestation.

We hope there will one day come answers and the true killer is named.