Information Request System

This system is an additional system also run by Missing Persons Awareness Network NFP 501(c)3 when a law enforcement agency requests information in regard to information on a murder case, suspect and/or vehicle. If law enforcement has a picture or pictures of a person, video, or vehicle in regard to a murder case they may submit information by calling (312) 620-0788. We will put this alert out immediately.

missing persons state wide alert system

The Missing Persons State Wide Alert System is set to be a system to assist reported missing children and adults in Illinois. This is something that we have envisioned for over a year, and with much consideration to all the children and adults missing across Illinois, we have chosen to create a system that we can alert those of you that subscribe to our system.


  1. Text (312) 561-3319 and type “ADD”. You will automatically get a text reply letting you know that you are active.

  2. Do you have a tip? Just click reply and send a text message with your message.

1. The caller must contact Missing Persons Awareness Network NFP 501(c)3 at (312) 620-0788 with the Police Department name, phone number and missing persons report number.

2. The case must be officially reported to Law Enforcement and the leading agency must be Illinois.

3. The caller must be able to complete our form over the phone and send 2 pictures for our poster.

4. Missing Persons Awareness Network NFP will then contact the leading law enforcement agency to confirm the information we received.

5. The caller must commit to informing us immediately when their person is found, share the poster that we created for their missing person and ask their leading agencies to share this poster also on social media. They must also agree to speak with the media if the media is willing and able to report the case. The caller must agree to keep their honesty with our organization, and keep the integrity of the case for law enforcement to be able to do their job effectively.