OUR MISSION: To create awareness for all missing children and adults across Illinois. Our Policy is to do what we can for the missing person.

We refer all of our out of Illinois cases to WE CAN BRING YOU HOPE, also a non profit 501(c)3. Click Here

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Mrs. Gia Marie Wright

President & Founder


Tabatha Fickas

Vice President

Amber Newington.jpg.png

Amber Newingham

Secretary & Family Council Coordinator

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Alexander Wright


Glenda Cohenour.png

Glenda Cohenour

IL Case Coordinator

Melissa Decicco.jpg

Melissa De Cicco

Social Media Coordinator

Sarah Jensen.jpg

Sarah Jensen

Kidnapping / Abductions Coordinator

Dori Curtis.jpg

Dori Curtis

Domestic Violence Coordinator


Sherrilynn Hammond

Cold Case Coordinator

Kristin Carreno.jpg

Kristin Carreno

Media Coordinator

Connie Smith.jpg

Connie Smith

Missing Found Murdered Case Coordinator

Jeffrey Morden.jpg

Jeffrey Morden

Legislation Liason